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“My favorite personal esthetician Kate, and I just love Tracy. the HIFU V-Max has kept me looking young forever, I love how it tightens and tones my face. "

--Goldie Hawn, Aspen, Colorado (Actress)


“I had really bad spider veins and hyperpigmentation, I was embarrassed to be seen. The IPL helped clear my skin, and Tracy gave me my confidence back. Thank you so much. "

--Melissa Myers, Colorado


“I love the OxyGeneo treatment at Rose and Thorn Day Spa. Fantastic Esthetician. I'll definitely be back. "

--Kira Clarkson, Beverly Hills, California


“One of the best products used no swelling, pain free, and no needles with instant results. my double chin and sagging jowl line disappeared before my eyes. I couldn't beleive it"

--Linda Carlson, Benson, Arizona


“One of the best micro needling sessions I've had in a very long time. I fly Tracy into the set sometimes when filming, and treat my other fellow actors."

--Lauren Woodard, Bel Air, California (TV Actress Young & The Restless)


"Try the Hydra-Facial! Comprehensive, professional and friendly service at Rose and Thorn Day Spa."

--Gina K. , Evergreen, Colorado


"The Hot kiss!" No needles, no pain, no downtime I love my lips. If you're afraid of how lip injections hurt, I promise you'll love this it doesn't hurt at all. Tracy is so gentle and so precise."

--Denise Harper. , Napa, California

I love this treatment it tightened, toned, lifted my skin took all the wrinkles out. Emily Lieberman

"I Love this treatment it took all the wrinkles out of my face, it tightened, toned and got rid of my hyperpigmentation."

--Emily Lieberman, Manhattan, New York (News Anchor)


"Fusion Meso RF is amazing it plumped and lifted my skin. it feels so beautiful and hydrated I couldn't believe the results, DEFINITELY doing this again. Thank you Tracy you're the best esthetician I have ever come across so knowledgable."

Barbara Miles, Avon, Colorado


I've had really bad acne and scars over the years, The "Plasma-facial" treatment is absolutely the best, it has cleared my skin and helped with the acne scar marks, and uneven skin tone. I highly recommend it. Thank you so much it has changed my life.

Derrick Flanders, Glenwood Springs, Colorado


HIGHLY RECOMMENDED the "Botox Facial" I love it! I couldn't believe it my skin has no wrinkles and is glowing it's better than getting poked with one needle, the results are way better and more precise wow!

Kris Jenner, Calabassas, California (MTV The Kardashians)


BTL Vanquish I wanted to get bikini body ready it worked, pain free, very relaxing, it felt like a hot stone massage! I always love to see Tracy she's an amazing person, and very knowledgable, and passionate about everything she does. You're in great hands with this woman.

Jillian Barberie, ( Fox News KTLA)